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All genetic samples need to be accompanied by a Sample Submission Form and an Order Form which includes a release authorization. Form can be downloaded and printed below. Please note that these froms have changed.

Download Submission and Order Form|Download ASA Submission and Order Form

AgriGenomics is accepting all sample types at this time.  This includes whole blood in EDTA tubes, semen, blood Cards and hair.

Current tests are:

TH Tibial Hemimelia AM Arthrogryposis Multiplex
PHA Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca NH Neuropathic Hydrocephalus
Ds Digital Subluxation CA Contractural Arachnodactyly
CC Coat Color DD Developmental Duplication
FM Freemartin HYG Hypotrichosis (Galloway)
IE Idiopathic Epilepsy OS Osteopetrosis
DL Dilution MA Alpha-Mannosidosis
h/p Horned/Polled Oh Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation
BD Chondrodysplasia (Dexter Dwarfism)    


Proper Sample Collection Guidelines

• Must be collected in a Purple top EDTA tube.  These contain an anticoagulant to keep the blood from clotting.
• After blood is drawn, immediately mix/shake the tube thoroughly to keep from clotting.
• A new needle and syringe is needed for each animal to prevent cross contamination.
• Label the tube with tag/tattoo/name that is written on the submission form and be sure they match.
• Blood should be chilled, NOT frozen before shipment. Ice packs are not required in shipment.
Package samples so that they do not get smashed or broken in shipment.


• Semen does not need to be frozen or cold.
• Easy shipment, take the ink out of an ink pen, a straw of semen fits in the empty pen, perfect for shipping protection, as they do get crushed and smashed in envelopes.


• Write the animals information on the front of the card to match submission form.
• Pierce the ear/tail with a needle and drop blood onto card. FILLING the circle or square on the card paper.
• A fresh needle must be used per animal to prevent cross contamination.
• Allow cards to lay flat and dry for at least an hour before shipment.


• Hair must be pulled from the tail switch of the tail.  DO NOT pull from the tail head or from the ear.
• Must have AT LEAST 40-50 good hair follicles. Do not cut hair off the tail.
• Place hair on hair card, or zip lock bags or envelopes.
• Write animal tattoo or name on sample and must match to submission sheet.


Freemartin test MUST BE whole blood in a EDTA tube, this cannot be done with hair samples.
• Twins MUST be a tail hair sample, cannot be a blood sample.  (Unless freemartin test).        

TH, PHA, DS, CC, BD, OH, H/P, and HYG:  $25 per head
Any 2 of these = $35 per head   •   Any 3 of these = $45 per head

AM, NH, CA, DD, OS, MA, IE, DL, and FM: 
 $20 per head
Any 2 of these = $30 per head   •  Any 3 of these = $40 per head   •  Any 4 tests of any pricing!! = $50 per head

Ship samples and payment to:
AgriGenomics, Inc.
2399 N 1000 East Road
Mansfield, IL 61854

Written results will be provided on all samples tested.  It is in your best interest to identify the samples as completely as possible for your future reference and use.

Thank you for your interest in AgriGenomics, Inc. If we can help you in any way, or If you have any questions, please contact us at (217) 762-9808 or email
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