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Lab Closing - we are no longer accepting samples

Welcome to AgriGenomics, your source for livestock genetic testing. Whether you are looking for more information on a current genetic test, or would like to have a test administered, we are here to assist you.

We are located in Illinois, though our services can reach conveniently to you. We currently provide a number of tests for cattle, from TH to freemartin calves, the spider gene in sheep and are continuously working toward providing swine testing as well. No matter what species you have and what service you are seeking, we can help you.

Please give Amanda a call any time at 217-762-9808 or email agrigenomics@prairieinet.net. We would love to help you with your livestock gene questions or concerns!

What's New
We do not perform parentage testing but can forward samples on to correct lab/association. All Associations accept the release of our genetic defect testing.
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